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In Tamilnadu, Can we generate power (within the premises) from solar and send it to EB grid?.

Pls. Throw some light on this.

Anybody/company can generate power from solar and for which you will have to get approval from the concerned authorities…… Do ypu want avail power and inject the balance in the grid?

Dear Parani I am not recommending this. Produce the power and consume in the premises only with synchronisation .when you want to export power you have to change AOA,MOA and submission to register of companies depending upon the size.in general this will be away from the nature of business mentioned while establishing as company in ROC

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There is no cost involved in the transmission of energy unless the power is transmitted at high tension (HT) levels 11 kV and more and special monitoring and metering hardware are deployed at HT levels. In the current scenario, metering arrangements for rooftop grid-interactive power plants are under active consideration by the government

With net metering system we can intake or adjust

In the bills .

I think Q was export of solar to grid….nt import

Net metering yet to be implemented in TN. TN state is first to release energy policy in 2001. Pondy / Karnataka / Maharashtra have net metering facility. With no net metering, industries are installing roof top solar panels based Sunday / weekly off day power consumption. Presently roof top solar power is Rs. 4.50/- to Rs. 3.50/- per unit based on power intake. Apart from this 10paise per unit of generation to be paid Govt. (Similar to DG units). With no generation or utilisation of private power in TN. Surplus power & Fed by TANGEDCO. RPO (renewable power obligation) 8-11% is not mandatory. As such many industries are not keen on solar power except for per unit power cost reduction. Coordination charges for approval is Rs. 15L per MWp

With Make in India initiative, 25% surcharge levied w.e.f 04/09/18 on imported solar panels – anti dumping policy. ADANI is manufacturing solar panels in India.

EE J. Prabakaran

EE kamaraj

EE Sivakumar

Er..J. Prabakaran,senior Executive Engineer at salem in TNEB (TANGEDCO)

Er. Kamaraj, senior EE in SLDC, TRANSCO

Er. Sivakumar, Senior EE in Protection and communication in TRANSCO (TNEB)

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