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Flat Roof
Flat roof are those roof which have a slope from 1 degree to 5 degrees. This roof is constructed in the same way as a floor and acts as a level platform to support the load. Flat roofs are not considered suitable where rain fall or snowfall is heavy. Flat roof requires weather covering and careful water proofing.
Causes of Leaks in Flat Roof
Improper slope.Obstacles in rain water pipes. Unfinished junction of roof and walls. Damaged water proofing layer.Depression on the top of the roof. Defective joints of rain water pipes.
How to repair leaks in flat roof?
Step 1: Clean roof and check all rain water pipes
Clear all debris from the roof. Check all rain water pipes if there is any blockage in pipes as they provide direct access to rain water and repair defective joints of rain water pipes also.

Step 2: Mark actual area of leakage in daylight
Know actual causes of leakage and mark leakage in daylight while it is raining. Take help from professionals in leakage treatment. Actual area of leakage should be calculated with the materials required for repair. The repair of roof leaks should be done before the beginning of rainy season.
Step 3: Repair Tar felt water proofing coat and cement concrete ‘gola’
Repair Tar felt water proofing coat if it is damaged and restore damaged cement concrete ‘gola’ in junction of wall and roof slab.
Step 4: Keep proper slope of tile tracing for smooth flow of rain water
Check the surface of roof and keep the slope of tile terracing in 1:40 ratio to drain off rain water quickly and to avoid leakage. Restore defective joints and repair depressions existing on the top of roof to avoid stagnant rain water which leads to leakage.
Step 5: Restore the joints of tile tracing
Mend the joints of tile terracing if they are cracked and repair defective/damaged cement pointing to avoid leakage.
Step 6: Check mouths of rain water pipes
Restore the mouth of rain water pipes and repair their cracked joints with tile terracing to avoid leakage.
Step7: Repair leakage in over head water tank
Repair leakage in over head water tank; which destroys water proofing of roof. Fit proper ‘Bal’ cock and over flow pipe in over head water tank to avoid unnecessary over flow of water which damages the roof.

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