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General Electrical Thumb Rules-

Cable Capacity:

For Cu Wire Current Capacity (Up to 30 Sq.mm) = 6X Size of Wire in Sq.mm
Ex. For 2.5 Sq.mm=6×2.5=15 Amp,
For 1 Sq.mm=6×1=6 Amp,
For 1.5 Sq.mm=6×1.5=9 Amp
For Cable Current Capacity = 4X Size of Cable in Sq.mm ,Ex. For 2.5
Sq.mm=4×2.5=9 Amp.

Current Capacity of Equipments:

1 Phase Motor draws Current=7Amp per HP.
3 Phase Motor draws Current=1.25Amp per HP.
Full Load Current of 3 Phase Motor=HPx1.5
Full Load Current of 1 Phase Motor=HPx6
No Load Current of 3 Phase Motor =30% of FLC
KW Rating of Motor=HPx0.75
Full Load Current of equipment( when kva is known) =1.39xKVA (for 3 Phase 415Volt)
Full Load Current of equipment (when kW is known) =1.74xKw (for 3 Phase 415Volt)

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