SF6 & Vacuum Circuit Breakers

These units need to be inspected for physical damage and erosion resulting from contaminants within the oil and insulation. Nameplates should be checked against document files to guarantee that everything is in line with manufacture standards. Anchorage, alignment, and grounding, and bolted bus joints need to be inspected thoroughly for damage. Inspection for SF6 or vacuum leaks should be performed by train technicians and engineers at ITI who perform services on par with NETA standards. Breaker contact resistance, insulation resistance of each pole to ground, over-potential tests, as well as others are all required to be completed at routine intervals for safe operational assurance.

These circuit breakers are generally used for voltages ranging from 33KV to 800KV. There are three main types of SF6 circuit breakers designed to handle a variety of voltages.

1. Single Interrupter SF6 for 245 kilovolt systems
2. Two Interrupter SF6 for 420 kilovolt systems
3. Four Interrupter SF6 for 800 kilovolt systems

Breaker Repair Services Include:
• Evaluate, Clean, Service and Test
• Major Repairs and Modifications
• Minor Repairs and Modifications
• Accessory Installations and Removal
• Retrofits and Upgrades
• Calibration of Units
• Primary and Secondary Testing

Breaker Testing Services Include:
• Breaker contact resistance test
• Insulation resistance of each pole to ground test
• Over-potential test

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