India surpasses 8GW solar PV deployment – MNRE

India has now surpassed 8GW of installed solar PV capacity, according to figures from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

Only last week, the ministry said the capacity was around 7.8GW at the end of June, but the country has now hit 8,062MW as of the end of July, an increase of 257MW in a month.

The states with more than 200MW are:
• Rajasthan – 1,295MW
• Tamil Nadu – 1,267MW
• Gujarat – 1,123MW
• Andhra Pradesh – 936MW
• Telangana – 846MW
• Madhya Pradesh – 790MW
• Punjab – 521MW
• Maharashtra – 385MW
• Karnataka – 238MW

Tamil Nadu, which has the second highest capacity has had confirmed curtailment of solar power in recent months, while Rajasthan with the highest capacity has seen curtailment according to various reports.
MNRE joint secretary Tarun Kapoor recently complained to the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) about the “backing down” of solar power, asking CERC to ensure solar takes priority over thermal power as it does not benefit from variable tariffs in the same way that thermal power does.

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