Some basic checks that needs to be done in elevators

1. Over load testing to be done
2. Welding certificate required for railing channel fixing
3. ARD / ERD to be checked and ARD batteries testing to be done
4. Speed governor to be checked and tested for all lifts
5. Gaps between lift car and sill to be checked
6. Sill area covering to be done with SS sheet
7. Lift pit ladder and lighting to be checked
8. Lift pit buffer, sensors, car door sensors, railing sensors and height limit sensors to be checked and tested
9. Inside car emergency lighting to be checked
10. Lift speed to be checked
11. Inside car alarm to be checked and alarm to be connected at lift room and lift entrance area
12. Inside car telephone to be connected to reception area, in case of anyone stuck inside the lift they should be able to communicate to persons in reception
13. Lift motor capacity to be checked, whether oiled or oil free motor
14. All the steel wires to be concealed with cotter pins at each joint levels
15. On car top manual movement of the lift to be checked
16. Car top should have railing all around the lift
17. All lift shafts should have bulkhead light fitting within 10 feet distance
18. Inside shaft rooms to be clean and painted
19. All lift blowers to be checked along with electrical fittings
20. Inside lift railings to be fixed

Disclaimer: As obtained from the Internet