How does antifall or failsafe mechanism works in passengers lift ?

Modern elevators incorporate safety features to help prevent fatal falls. Traction elevators, which move cars up and down using steel cables, pulleys and counterweights, have a speed-sensing governor. If the car zips downward too quickly, the governor activates brakes on the elevator’s travel rails. Traction elevators also locate switches along the elevator shaft, which detect cars as they pass and initiate slowdowns and stops at the appropriate points in their travel, whether during a normal stop or because the car is moving too fast. Each of the four to eight steel cables in a traction elevator is strong enough by itself to hold the car.

During every servicing, ARD|ERD and Fire mode operation to be checked and mention the operational status in the service report for record. Any issue with ARD to made operational immediately prior to deploying it use.

During heavy rainy season lift should be taken to top most floor and switched off. This is to avoid damage to PCB’s due to water leaking threw shaft space. some IT parks lifts are erected in passage link ways which are exposed to weather conditions

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