Financial loss on Corrosion

The destruction of metals as a result of their chemical or electrochemical interaction with a corrosive medium. Annual losses from corrosion are 1.0–1.5 percent of all the metal accumulated and used by man. In monetary terms, the direct losses from corrosion (for replacement of inoperative machinery) were about $5.5 billion in the USA in 1955 and about 250 billion francs in France in 1959. Annual losses in the USSR in the late 1960’s were not less than 5–6 billion rubles. It is difficult to calculate the greater indirect losses from idle time and reduction in the efficiency of equipment affected by corrosion, from the disruption of technological processes, and from acci-dents resulting from reduction in the strength of metal structures. In industry and agriculture, all possible measures are being taken to combat corrosion.

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